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About our testers

Some tidbits about our testers…   the most honest opinion you can get!

Jocelyn Lee
My first daughter arrived in March 2007, and nothing has been the same since! Jocelyn is a very observant child and  is so kind to everyone around her.  She is all about saving the earth, and she has her own fashion sense, which must always include a tutu!

She loves to dance, sing, horseback ride, and ride bikes or scooters. She loves to imagine, especially about princesses (when she grows up, she would like to be a mermaid princess) and her favorite thing to do is her artwork.


Corinne Maria

My little bundle of silly was born in May 2009. Corinne is a little bullet of energy, excited to take on anything that comes her way. Some of her favorite things right now are making chalk stories, swinging in the park, and playing with her dog Maximus and her new horse, Castillo.

She loves to do most things that her older sister does, although she has her own opinion about how things should go. She also loves to dress up and become a helpful super hero named Super Duper!


Mason Carlos

My little prince was born in October 2011. Mason loves to push things around – to him, everything is a car. He loves his sisters, and likes to be involved in whatever they’re doing.

Right now, Mason is learning all about yes and no, which makes him perfectly qualified to be our resident stroller expert!


One comment on “About our testers

  1. Denise
    January 10, 2013

    I can’t think of any better testers than Jocelyn, Corinne, or Mason thanks for sharing their photos and personalities.

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