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Stokke Home Cradle

I am in love with the Home Cradle by Stokke!  I really appreciate that they are a company that look at the longevity of a product.  Cradles/bassinets don’t last long at all and are usually pricy.  Having your newborn that close to your bed or have a portable sleeping place is much needed.  Stokke already has a crib that goes from a bassinet size to crib to toddler bed to desk.  If you don’t like that style of crib but you want longevity this cradle is perfect!  It’s shape makes it easy to squeeze into small spaces or pull right up to your bed.  It is only attached at the top so you can create motion and if the baby moves will create a soothing effect.  It is also very breathable and that is very important especially in those first few months.  The colors are simple and elegant too!  What do you do with this expensive piece of furniture when your infant quickly grows out of it?!  Don’t worry Stokke has you covered, you can buy the piece that makes it into a changing table or use it as a desk.  Thank you Stokke!

Stokke® Home™ Cradle. for WEB use.

Stokke® Home™ Cradle. for WEB use.


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