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Floating to sleep

Drooling!  The Nuna Leaf and the Nuna Leaf Curve, beautiful, quiet, functional baby rocker.  I am going to start with my favorite part, longevity!  Of course we want a bouncer or rocker for our infant, it really helps out the parent and soothes our babies.  The crappy part is they don’t last long, well not this one.  This rocker goes up to……….130 lbs!  So whether it’s an infant, a toddler that wants to kick back, or even a bigger kid, Nuna Leaf has you covered.  With my experience this is not just good for longevity, but jealousy and sanity.  I have owned bouncers or rockers that can not handle an order child’s weight.  Then you either have a broken bouncer, a angry toddler that feels left out and a mom who is constantly saying no don’t climb on that!  This product solves that problem, unless of course your infant is in the rocker, then by all means no is no!  This rocker is not only beautiful but it does not require batteries.  It uses your babies own movement to sway   or a push of your hand to get it going.  This way your baby does not get used to the constant rocking motion and learns to sleep still.  If the baby does start to stir then the Nuna will start to sway lulling your baby back to seep.  It comes in many different colors and two different base styles.  This rocker is defiantly on the top of my list!


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