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Gliding through Disneyland


I took several things on our trip to Disneyland to make our trip run smooth but there was one thing in particular that was not just number one on my list but brought the attention of most of the other parents at Disneyland. Now what was so fantastic you ask that got its own little blurb separate from the other things I brought to Disneyland? It was our orbit baby double helix in single mode with our sidekicks and panniers that made our trip amazing! With three kids I needed to bring something along for the daytime that allowed my girls to not feel confined to a stroller but be able to rest their legs long enough to really enjoy the parks. As Mason sat cozy in his well shaded and ventilated stroller seat my girls rode along on their sidekicks. When Mason got overstimulated I just rotated the seat around to face me and reclined the seat for his naps. When we stopped in certain areas and the sun was just too much I actually flipped up the handlebar for the Helix to create even more shade. There came a point where Mason was sleeping and I had to get lunch for everyone. How in the world was I going to carry my tray. Well I just made sure that the UniBar handle was flat and I was able to stick my tray on the handle well I pus
hed our food and child over to a table,wow! (the food was not hot and I was very careful not to spill on Mason). We were able to fit in every restaurant that we went we just folded down the handlebar so it didn’t stick out and we were able to rotate the seat at any angle so that Mason could sit up to the table. We won some pretty silly and gigantic prizes at California adventure park well where did we put those prizes so we didn’t take up room from the basket, in our side panniers! My diaper bag was able to attach to many spots on the stroller without taking up any space in the basket to make room for snacks and sweatshirts, ect. I am very happy with my decision to bring the orbit baby double helix our trip to Disneyland nothing would have worked better for our situation. drooloverthisblog.files.wordpress.com/2013/04/20130424-095737.jpg” alt=”20130424-095737.jpg” class=”alignnone size-full” /></a




2 comments on “Gliding through Disneyland

  1. Denise
    April 24, 2013

    What a wonderful way to see Disneyland. Why didn’t they have that kind of stroller back when I was kid. I can see why you got so many people stopping to ask what kind of stroller it was. Not only is it useful, easy to handle but seems like lots of fun.

    • nicholé@drooloverthis
      April 24, 2013

      The girls have so much fun riding on the boards they don’t even realize that it’s a convenience for me as well. No lost children in the big Disneyland crowd equals happy mommy!

      Nicholé Calmell 415-250-7559

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