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Strolli’n in the summer

I definitely love when the cold comes and you get to start pulling out this warm and fuzzy winter accessories for your strollers but now summer is right around the corner and I love just as much all the fun and exciting strollers and their accessories to make my summer fashionable and functional with my children and I’m sure you do too.

1. Bugaboo cameleon
I love that bugaboo cameleon realized that even though the bugaboo canopy is great, when you lay the seat back the sun definitely shines in. They decided to have a three section breezy canopy for their new bugaboo strollers not only does the canopy have three sections to keep out the sun but it also has a sun reflective color as well as plenty of ventilation that also acts as little windows for your child to be able to see out even while they are well protected. Unfortunately when you have a very large canopies your child’s vision is usually compromised so I definitely love what they decided to do with their breezy canopy! It even fits on there bassinet (That I previously thought was not that suitable for summer).
I also love the colors of their new jazz up summer edition they picked very fun (but not too loud) summery colors. It’s just too bad that the canopy has only two sections. But you can always use their umbrella accessories sold separately.

2. Orbit baby G2
I think Orbit Baby G2 is a great stroller for the summer they definitely have a fabric that seems very cooling as well as a gigantic airy canopy. Their seat back is very tall and that’s great for when my three-year-old needs to take a rest as well. I would love to see some kind of ventilation windows in the sides of a accessory type canopy as a summer option. My son always falls asleep in their deep sided seats in the summer and takes nice long naps without sweating like crazy! They also have a new larger under seat basket, to fit more things. It comes with their double helix but you can also buy it separate and put it on your orbit baby G2 as well! You can also buy their optional color packs to add a pop of color to your stroller for the summer Orbit Baby also has those wonderful sidekicks so you’re older children can take a ride a long without getting too exhausted from running around in the sun.

3. Uppa Baby Vista
I definitely love the Uppa Baby Vista stroller for summer you can’t beat their gigantic under seat basket to pack all of your outing needs. They also have a large sun canopy with I extendable protection. I would like to see the extendable part a little prettier and little bit longer but it’s very nice for the price. They also have a great ventilated peekaboo window with magnetic closures So you don’t wake up your sleeping child with loud Velcro. Also last year they came out with an amazing bassinet with an extendable sunvisor as well as ventilation underneath the mattress and a breezy canopy for those hot summer days. This bassinet is my favorite for the summer baby.

4.Uppa Baby G-lux and G-lite
I love up the babies options for umbrella strollers they fold great. The Uppa Baby G-Lux has a nice recline and this year they have a one-handed recline that’s a lot better than their older models. When I love about the Uppa Baby Umbrella strollers is that they also have extendable Sun canopy. I mostly use umbrella strollers for the summer time and quick in and outs so ideally you would have good sun protection, right?! The material on their umbrella strollers are great for the summer they seem to stay cool as well as being pretty wipeable. There are also very nice looking for being an umbrella stroller and they come in great colors. There is no being embarrassed by this umbrella stroller.

5. BOB Revolution SE
I love the Bob Revolution SE it’s a great stroller for your outdoorsy family especially for the summer they have a great canopy that has an option to flip up a panel in the back for more ventilation. It’s got a great wipeable fabric for Your muddy outdoorsy child. The fabric is also quite cooling for those hot summer days. I took the stroller to Disneyland last year in May and it was extremely hot but Mason was able to take nice naps in the stroller without overheating. You won’t be missing out on going on some rougher terrain exploring this summer with the BOB revolution.

6. Maclaren Volo
The McLaren Volo is definitely a great stroller for your in and out and short walks with a toddler. The stroller doesn’t have a solid back it’s more of a Hammacks feel. So even though there is no recline your child could still possibly rest of their had if they fell asleep. I love the strollers ventilation and they also have a very large canopy that helps block the sun and since your seat doesn’t recline you don’t really have to worry about The sun hitting your child’s face when they are sleeping. It’s a very portable stroller and very lightweight. It’s a great option if you want a nice-looking quality stroller without all the bells and whistles.

As you know I’m all about bringing your kids along on all your adventures. Finding the right stroller for you on those summer days and nights will definitely help to avoid your child from getting overheated exhausted child from having a meltdown and cutting your adventure short. Have fun and don’t forget your sunscreen! 🙂

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