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Delicious Diaper Bags


I discovered Foxy Vida last year at a local baby show. They had beautiful diaper bags that really impressed me. Not only were they fashionable, but they were very practical as well.

It’s hard as a mom to trade in your beautiful purses for a plain,ugly diaper bag. After all, even the plain, ugly bags don’t have the room you need! Well, Foxy Vida has done the impossible – they’ve created diaper bags that are the best of both worlds. They have many beautiful patterns to suit your style. The bags open up very wide for easy access. They have spacious (wipeable!) interiors as well as nice sized pockets (inside and out!).

The large diaper bags also include the key fob and a cell phone pocket, which gives you easy access to your essentials. The shoulder strap is adjustable – great for hanging on your stroller or throwing over your shoulder.

I don’t normally play favorites, but I must say this is my favorite diaper bag so far. The company also makes smaller diaper bags and diaper clutches, beautiful changing mats, and other products as well. So stay tuned for more information on this great company!


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