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Holiday Adventures

December went so fast, but we really enjoyed it. Some of my family came to town to share the holidays with us, and the kids loved that. We also went on some fun little outings. Of course, I picked different strollers for different activities, and this is how it went…

Downtown Fairfax: uneven sidewalks, little shops (little aisles)

I knew we were not going to go on an all-day walk in the little town of Fairfax, so I knew my two oldest could walk it. Mason still had a little cold, though, so an umbrella stroller was out of the picture. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for pulling out the umbrella strollers for quick trips, but not with a sick baby in the cold weather. So that meant the Bugaboo Chameleon was first in line. I was very happy I picked this stroller – it handles the uneven sidewalks perfectly, and for my son who already felt poopy I’m sure that was a big help.

Fairfax and the bugaboo cameleon

The Bugaboo Chameleon in Fairfax

My family had a lot of shopping to do, and some of these shops were pretty tiny, but the Chameleon maneuvered easily even around little corners. When we stopped to take pictures I just pulled back the sun canopy for a minute and then put it back to protect Mason from the cold. And when he got cranky, I just threw some snacks into what in my opinion is absolutely the best snack tray in the market, and he was good to go.

I am happy with the stroller I picked for our little Fairfax adventure!

Muir Woods and the adventure to get to it: Wet, uneven terrain

I had never been to Muir Woods before, and it was something my aunt really wanted to do during her visit. I knew we were going into the woods, and it had been pouring rain for days, so an all-terrain stroller is what I needed. BoB Revolution was my pick!

I guess on the first nice day after a few days of rain everyone had the same idea, because there was no parking for Muir Woods. So we drove down the road quite a ways to find a different hiking trail. We were in luck, though: I found parking right in front of a trail. The trail was beautiful, but there was lot of mud, a lot of water and very rough terrain to tackle. I think my family thought I was crazy bringing a stroller off-roading in the woods, but the BOB handled it great. I was very impressed… and so was everyone else!

It made it through unharmed, my Uggs did not!

Stroller made it through unharmed… My Uggs did not.

The suspension was so amazing that Mason managed to sleep through the whole thing. It turned out the trail eventually lead to Muir Woods, so we got to see the redwoods after all. It was a quite an adventure!

the bob got carried over this part

The BoB got carried over this part

San Francisco: Traffic, sidewalks, crowds

The last big outing was San Francisco, scaling the Embarcadero. We were going to take the ferry over from Sausalito and it was going to be an all-day adventure. And an all-day adventure in the city with three kids = Orbit Baby G2 with sidekick attachments (I have two). I needed to keep the kids next to me on and off the ferry and in the busy streets, and the sidekicks work perfectly for that. When they needed a break from walking, they just hopped on the sidekicks and rested their little feet.

Waiting for the ferry

Waiting for the ferry.

Even the pup came

Even the pup came along.

I love these attachments, because they’re attached to the wheels so they’re out of the way of my feet when I walk. The sun canopy on the Orbit is amazing and did its job well, protecting Mason from the cold. I did forget to bring my side panniers for extra storage, but we did ok. I have to say, with all three kids on an all-day city adventure, the Orbit Baby G2 is my number one pick!

My must-have

Where I go, my Ergo goes. I take my Ergo baby carrier everywhere!

putting Mason in the ergo

Getting Mason into the Ergo.

When Mason gets sick of sitting in a stroller, or one of my girls gets tired and needs to take a little ride in the stroller to rest, I just put my Ergo on and Mason in it and we are good to go.

It was nice to see my family and take them on local outings. The best part was I did not have to leave anyone behind.

One comment on “Holiday Adventures

  1. Denise
    January 10, 2013

    Although I am not a mother with small children I really enjoyed how you explained each stroller. “Drool Over This” is a great source for parents, Your site is like the “Consumer Report” for Baby & small children items. Loved the photos also.

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