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Making reading (even more) fun with Sproutkin!


I am so excited to review Sproutkin! It’s a book subscription service for kids 3-6 years old – like Netflix for books, but in my opinion better for the whole family. I don’t know about all of you, but I find that sometimes there just isn’t enough time for me to make it to the library as often as my kids want me to. So having a way to get interesting new books to read to my kids is an amazing option!

The way it works is that when you sign up, Sproutkin mails you 10 books that all deal with a specific theme (the first theme I got was “around the world”), and then when you’re done you send them back and they send you a new batch of books with a new theme.

The best things about this system:

  1. If your child really loves a particular book, you have the option to keep it, and they’ll just bill you for the book on your next order.
  2. The fact that all the books in each batch deal with a certain theme helps the information stick in a child’s mind.
  3. The kids learn that the books are borrowed, not theirs, so they learn to be respectful of them, which makes reading time easier!
  4. The books come in the mail! It’s so exciting for kids to get things in the mail – I remember getting Highlights magazines in the mail when I was my kids’ age, and I still remember how excited I was every time a new issue arrived. Plus, the box the books come in is really cute and fun – a nice added touch!

I found the books in my bundle very stimulating for my kids, and I enjoyed the stories myself, too. It’s so refreshing to see a company working to make something as classic and basic as books even better. My kids can’t wait for their next box to arrive!


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