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Bloom Coco Go

I checked out Bloom’s Coco Go out today, and I’m in love.  I am so happy to see a portable bouncer/rocker/baby seat – yes, it is all of that (and so pretty as well!)

The Coco Go is the travel version of Bloom’s beautiful Coco rocker, but even for everyday use I find that it’s a lot more functional, plus it takes up a lot less space.  The seat is lightweight and has a slim design that shifts from sitting up to lying down very easily. The whole thing also collapses easily into two pieces, and it comes with a travel case that has roomy pockets on either side for diapers, keys and such. So if you’re stopping by grandma’s house for a quick visit, that’s a little less to carry in from the car!

The 2-speed vibration unit is hidden within the design – yes, somebody finally hid that tacky plastic vibration box! Not a moment too soon, in my opinion. And that’s just a little detail in the overall beautiful design – the fabric is sleek looking yet very soft, and it comes in grey, brown, and cream. Bloom’s Universal Snug infant insert even fits into the seat for extra support and a burst of color.

Overall, I’m very impressed by this bouncer. Good job, Bloom!

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