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I finally got to see the new Bugaboo3, and I’m very excited about the changes they’ve made on this iconic stroller!

Let’s talk about the good stuff first. I know everyone is super excited about the unfold, but for me the best new feature is the swing-away bumper bar. The old one drove me nuts, so it’s great to see that they’ve made it easier to get a sleeping baby or toddler in and out of the stroller!

I’m also thrilled to see that when you open it up, it stays open! No more trying to put the seat on while trying to make sure the frame doesn’t collapse. Taking the bassinet off the frame isn’t a juggling act anymore either – you can push the buttons on the side separately, and then just lift the bassinet up. The bassinet is certified sleep safe so you can use it in your home as well, instead of having to purchase another bassinet and they now have made a removable cover for the mattress, because infants get things dirty too! I do wish that the inside of the bassinet and mattress cover was a little bit of a different material than the fleece to acomidate summer babies a little better.

So now for the unfold. I’m very happy that you don’t have to kick the frame open anymore, but they really could still improve the design by putting some kind of lock on there so you could do it by hand. It’s hard enough having a stroller in two pieces without having to deal with a frame that doesn’t lock closed. And a one-handed recline would be an amazing improvement – I understand that you just push the buttons on either side and tilt it back, but I only have two hands, not three! Their demo videos just show an empty stroller and don’t account for the weight of a child.

That’s really the only complaint I have, though. I love that you can flip the handlebar back for restaurant seating, or out on the trail so the all-terrain wheels are in the front to tackle rougher terrain. Sometimes I don’t know when I leave the house if I’m going to be on city sidewalks all day or head into some rougher terrain, and I can just throw one stroller into the car and it’s ready for anything!  The Bugaboo3 comes with bug netting and a rain shield, the tailored fabrics for the seat and bassinet and the frame.  They have some great accessories such as a footmuff, cup holder (that you can attach to the inside of the handle if you want to keep a slim profile) a parasol, a boogie board for older kids to stand ( not my favorite because you have to walk funny to avoid kicking it),  a seat liner that adds more comfort, travel bag, organizer and the best snack tray on the market!!!!

All in all, the Bugaboo3 is a beautifully designed stroller – definitely a stroller you will be proud to push around. Overall, I think they did great job keeping it a beautiful but also making it more user friendly stroller.

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This entry was posted on October 19, 2012 by in Reviews.
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