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Orbit Baby G2

Whether you have one infant or three kids, Orbit Baby is your on-the-go solution.  Orbit Baby G2 has come a long way from the G1 version, YAY!!!

You can buy this stroller as a travel system or a toddler-stroller-seat version.  The best feature is the amazing rotating base. I know that sounds like an infomercial, but seriously – it’s really great!  All of the main parts work on the rotating base of the stroller. The infant car seat also has a base that you can rotate the car seat to face you for an easier in and out.  When you have an infant you don’t want a hassle and you want safe.  I love how deep the infant car seat is and the paparazzi shield that keeps the sun and germs away from baby.  The frame itself can fold with one hand it also has a cup holder in the center of the handle bars no snagging on clothing racks.  The cargo pod (diaper bag) slides in and out of the frame, easy and compact.

Later on, when your baby gets bigger you can get the toddler stroller seat.  It comes with an infant insert to keep your little one from swimming in the very nice deep seat (great for when they get bigger to rest little napping heads).  I love the enormous canopy and I also love that you can get color packs to change the fabric if your style changes as your baby grows.  The seat has vents to let the air flow and an extendable foot rest.

I’m not a big fan of the snack tra,y but it is included with the purchase of the seat, so that’s a plus.  The toddler stroller seat accommodates a child from birth to 40 pounds.  The sidekick (sold separately) attaches to either side of the stroller – over the wheels, so no kicking the sidekick!  Bonus-  you can have two.  You can also purchase their bassinet, which is compatible with the stroller frame and rocker.  Orbit is a great stroller for busy family on the go!


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