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Up, up and away (my day with Uppa Baby Vista)

My Uppa Baby Vista came along with me and the baby for a day of errands today. The basket attachment was perfect for keeping my hands free on a run to the hardware store for my husband. On to the DMV, where the snack tray kept the baby in his seat with no fighting.

I decided to make a pit stop at the park to reward us for making it through the DMV, and the basket came in handy again – it’s so spacious that I could just throw everything we needed (and more) in there, and we were ready for anything.

Mason fell asleep on the walk back to the car, so I unpacked the basket and made a quick stop at the grocery store next to the park. He slept through the whole thing, thanks to the extendable sun shade that kept all the bright lights out of his eyes.

We made it home with the baby happy and me happy too. I want my stroller to help me along with anything the day throws at me, not dictate whether and how I can do something. Thanks, Uppa Baby Vista, for making our day that much easier!


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