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My top 3 all-terrain strollers

BOB Revolution 2012

If you are a very outdoorsy family the BOB Revolution is your stroller. The suspension is outstanding making baby’s ride on rough terrain as smooth as it could possibly be. BOB has a huge canopy to protect your little one from the elements. You can also change the suspension and lock the wheel straight for when it gets very rough, the steering on it is wonderful as well. You can purchase a parent console (cup holders and a zippered pouch) to add to the already amazing storage space. They made some changes this last year on the bob that really made a difference. There is more structure in the seat, a buckle to lock closed, a better peekaboo window (they should have made with magnets though) and a more wipeable fabric with sporty colors. They changed the runaway strap and put it on the handle bar, I am not a fan of this change if you fall you are going to take the stroller down with you. But all around if you are an avid runner and or do a lot of off road this is an amazing stroller!

Baby Jogger City Elite 2012

This is a great cross between an everyday and all terrain stroller. Although Baby Jogger does not recommend this as a “jogging” stroller I have seen lots of moms do light jogging with this stroller. A few special features on this stroller is there amazing one handed fold, yes one handed! Just pull the fold strap and it’s in half and as of this year it now automatically locks. Also the lock is a flip lock you do with your hand. The sun canopy is quite generous with two peekaboo windows and 2 side vents that are MAGNETIC!!!! I love the side vents because it does add circulation on hot days but also when you have a bigger toddler in it they can still see out even with the canopy extended. There is an adjustable footrest and a place in the top for keys and such. I have to say the storage is pretty big and they did make it more accessible this year but I still feel like for such a big stroller it could be a little easier to access.

Bumbleride Indie 2012

Bumble ride is a smaller company but they still make a pretty great all terrain stroller. The Bumbleride Indie has very good suspension, a huge and accessible storage basket that I love. They also have an adjustable footrest a large sun canopy. They have come out with two new editions one that is natural and a movement (sport). The snack tray that is sold separate is my favorite for all terrain strollers. They also make a matching foot muff (sold separate) but for the winter a good buy! I think the frame is something to be desired it has the apearace of being cheaper. I think all around this is a great stroller for parents who want to use it for a little of everything.



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