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Let’s get there safely


Letting your kids have fun is so important, but making sure they are in one piece is key!

Your home is the first place to start, because you can become so relaxed at home and that is where most accidents happen. It’s best to baby-proof your home before you baby arrives, because once they’re on the go you will be to busy chasing them around to install safety products!

Electrical cords and outets, sharp edges, stairs, pets, doors and little fingers are some of the things you need to think of. You will find you can relax much more when you are not behind your busy baby making sure they don’t get hurt each moment.

And be careful with outside dangers, too: some things that you may not think about are leaving the door closest to baby open while car is running (exhaust fumes) same goes for parking the stroller outside the car while getting ready. Be aware of stray dogs, things to fall off of, pesticides, and other unexpected dangers. Don’t forget that saying no does not mean you don’t love them – it means you care enough to keep them safe. It’s a lot of work to say no sometimes, but it’s better than being lazy and having your most prized possession get injured or worse.

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