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My top three luxury strollers


  My Top 3 luxury strollers

Now they are not listed in any particular order because I love all three.  There are things I love in each, again it’s all about what fits your situation best.
Orbit Baby G2
Orbit G2 is a great stroller that truly grows with your family. I love that rotation especially on the car seat base, it is wonderful for getting in and out of the car (a real back saver). The rotation on the stroller itself is great while out to eat it won’t be a struggle to angle the stroller for baby to face you just turn the seat. Baby can face you if overstimulated by their environment without the struggle of getting them out flipping the seat then trying to get them back in.
The sunshade on the toddler seat has FULL coverage, although it would be nice to have some side venting for the child to look out because chances are if it’s a sunny day it’s also a pretty view Also a peekaboo window for parents would be great.  But the canopy is very nice because it is very breathable and offers great sun protection.  Over all the seat is great very deep on the sides for a resting head and one handed recline and rotation comes in handy, with little ones you usually only have one hand free! I love the built in parent cup holder, because it does not stick out of the sides of the stroller, no catching on clothing racks. Although I wish that they kept two spaces for cups from the g1 for you and baby or made those side dishes deeper because anything I stick in their falls out.  I have a love and hate relationship with the cargo pod.  It is great for one kid because it is so easy for on the go and surprisingly you can fit a lot in there and if you put your wipes and diaper in the big mesh pockets you can access them without pulling out the whole cargo pod,yay!  The cons are that there is no place to throw your coats or if you have more than one kid you have lots more stuff with you.  They do have side panniers but it does bulk up the stroller quite a bit.  Hopefully they come out with that double helix soon so that you can buy the large under basket as a part to stick on your stroller as needed.  Im looking forward to that feature, so that it can travel easy but do an all day outing when needed too.   Sold separately, Basinette (certified sleep safe), rain and bug covers,footmuff,color packs and infant car seat if you buy it in stroller seat mode.   This year they came out with the side kicks, that are sold separately as well, they are riding skateboard type things for your older children to stand on.  One can be attached on each side of the stroller without taking up any of your walking space like other standing boards.  This is a great feature when your bigger ones get tired but don’t want to sit and in parking lots or crossing a road you have them right with you!  You can see more of a detailed review of stroller and attachments on my video review on my you tube channel.
UPPAbaby Vista
Amazing stroller and a great price! The Uppa Baby Vista comes with the stroller seat and the basinette, It also is compatible with several car seats with a sold separate car seat adaptor.  I love this stroller for day trips to the park and zoo and big adventures.  Its also a great in town stroller.  It is a bit bigger than my other favorite luxury strollers but the basket on it can carry what ever you need and then some.  I have made a last minute stop into the grocery store while on a walk and been able to pack plenty into the basket.  I love the fact that no mater what way the stroller faces ( you or outward) the basket is very accessible.  Evin with the basinette on you can get into the basket.  So as you can see one of my favorite features is the basket.  On to the Basinett (certified sleep safe), it comes with the stroller and has some great features this year there is a detachable footmuff and venting in the bottom and a zip away breezy canopy.  There is also a pop out sun protection on the canopy to keep out the sun.  Great thinking guys, no one wants to throw a blanket over the basinett on a hot day.  I do wish the footmuff they had attached more securely for more safety and also once the baby can kick it just pops right off.  The basinett mattress also has a washable cover,smart, hello poopy diaper and spit up!  There is also a basinette stand that you can buy for your home that also converts into a laundry hamper when you don’t need it for the basinette any more, yay for multi use.  Also this year they have a storage bag for when you want to store or travel with the basinett you just easily collapse the bassintt and store it away.  The stroller seat itself is great it has quite a large sun canopy with a  pop out sun viser and magnetic vented peekaboo window.    The seat is roomy reclines with one hand (important) and has a adjustable foot rest and the canopy now slides up and down the frame for taller or shorter kids.  I do wish the seat had deeper sides for more of a comfy rest  but over all the seat is very nice.  You can buy a snack tray- cup holder attachment I think it is great over all but I would like to see the side for the snacks a bit deeper.  The stroller can fold in one or two pieces and has a standing fold.  The suspension is ok but I would not take it on to much rough terrain.  It comes with a rain shield and bug netting. Sold seperate, footmuff, parent cup holder (s), rumble seat, boogie board.  Over all I think this stroller has great features especially for a summer baby!
Bugaboo Cameleon 3
Pricy but a stroller you are deffinatly proud of and unbeatable maneuverability for a luxury stroller.  For a person who loves change or simply wants to push a stroller as fashionable as them the tailored fabric kits for changing the color of your stroller make it possible.  The Bugaboo Cameleon comes with two fabric sets one for the basinett and one for the stroller seat both attach to the frame. You can’t have both the basinette and the seat at the same time unless you buy a seperate seat frame from Bugaboo.  The basinette has a great zippered footmuff, I love the zipper because it is sure to stay on and adds safty.  The basinette is also sleep certified so you can use it in the home as well it will sit on the floor or you can buy a stand separate to put it in.  Bugaboo does not make one themseves but I have seen many out there that are compatable.  I would like to see a cover for the mattress incase of an accident.  I also would like to see the handle on the basinette/stroller seat bumper bar SWING AWAY! So that it is easier to one handed put in a sleeping baby, or take them out.  The stroller seat is great and they have come out with a snack tray attachment ( sold separately) that is my favorite on the market!!!! It has a cover that swings away without disturbing the drink compartment and a nice deep snack tray!  I love it.  The canopy is big but I would like to see it have a better sun shade attachment.  I do love the breezy canopy that you can buy separate because it adds ventilation and the baby can see out even with the canopy all the way extended.  There is a cup holder that you can buy separate that you can attach on the inside or outside of the extendable handle bar, a great option if you don’t want it to stick out of the side of the handle (good for tight spaces)  It has a pretty good size basket but it is not at all accessable when the basinett is on.  A handy feature that seperates this stroller from its competitors is it flips front to back to use the bigger wheals forward on rougher terrain and also goes into two wheal mode for sand or snow, super cool!! They are coming out with a new improved version this month Bugaboo3, I am looking forward to see what they have improved.

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