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Reviewing products, to help you find what's right for you

Why we’re here

Just in case you’re wondering who you are drooling with… my name is Nicholé, and I live in Northern California and have three wonderful children. I teach classes on choosing baby and child products, and if you’re looking for a more personal experience, I also offer a concierge service. I’m excited to have this blog to talk more about the world of great products that are out there for you and your children. I hope you enjoy it!

Where I’m coming from

I’m a midwestern girl at heart. I did my main growing up in Wisconsin and the rest of it on the west coast. So I guess most of my opinions comes from practicality meeting style. In the midwest, kids just stay kids longer and things are more basic.

I moved around a lot as a kid, but my mom, no matter what our circumstances, managed to give me the best. I guess that’s carried over to me and my children. With my first child I had the basics, but the good basics.

I learned as I went – with my second daughter I started to learn about all the cool, environmentally friendlier products out there, that were good for the earth and made me feel a little more chic. I also found products that made life with my kids easier. It felt great to use products that were better for me, my girls and our planet.

Now that I have my son, I definitely realize how much I went through to find just the right things. I found what I really needed and some of the non niceties that just make things more fun. My dad always had a love for the practical and good working things that is instilled in me. I spent most of my life riding and training horses rescuing and caring for animals. I have always felt at home in nature and with animals. I have always felt trust in animals because they are basically good and pretty straight forward, no BS. That’s what I want to have in this blog: an honest opinion of a parent who has been through the goods and not so goods of the baby product world that is willing to let other parents know the plusses and minuses of all the great products out there- the products that all parents need to know exist.

What matters

I am very big on the natural things in life, but with enough cool and class to make you feel alive and not drab. I feel like it’s my job to give my children the best. Not just the pretty and glitzy, but to incorporate a lot of things that I know are healthy for them and this planet.

Just because I’m a mother of three doesn’t mean that I need to throw my wallet into a tacky diaper bag. Nope! Being a busy mom does not mean that at all. I will proudly tuck my wallet into a super-cool looking (yet very handy) diaper bag and proudly walk out my door. That goes for all the products I choose to own.

I will not be a crazy mess just because I have three kids, I will own all the cool gadgets that make life run a heck of a lot smoother.

Having kids is great and owning products that you and your baby will be happy with (the first time around) matter to me and should matter to you and thats why your here!!!!




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